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Welcome to the  Apple Valley Unified Teachers Association (AVUTA) web site!

May Rep Council's location has changed. We will be meeting at Nick's Pizza on May 20, 2014 at 4:00.

AVUTA Election Results

President - John Zachau

Second Vice-President - Bethany Thompson

Corresponding Secretary - Kristy Croft

PS-8 Segment Director - Martha Lopez

K-6 Segment Director - Julie Lubbe

CTA State Representative - Kristy Croft

CTA State Representative Alternate - Sue Newton

2013-2016 Contract Changes

On, Tuesday, March 18, 2014, the Contract Ratification General Meeting attendees unanimously approved the following changes/additions/deletions to the 2013-2016 Contract.
Please click here to get the pdf version of the presentation given at the Contract Ratification General Meeting.

Stipend Time

Please download the stipend and send to Lance_arnt@avusd.org or send it to him at GHHS.



AVUTA Rep Council Announcement

As per article 5 section A-D in our AVUTA Bylaws.


A. The Apple Valley Unified Teachers Association’s portion of the basic annual dues, and the
representation fee for non-members, shall be established by action of the Representative Council at
the last regular meeting of each school year.
B. Apple Valley Unified Teachers Association shall apportion any negotiated representation fee or
organizational security fee (agency fee) on the same percentage basis as the Chapter/CTA/NEA
C. Membership in a given class or category shall be continuous after initial enrollment until
delinquent or until a change in professional status shall make the member ineligible for that class or
category. If by October 31 of any calendar year a member has not either paid the established annual
membership dues for the current membership year, or made satisfactory arrangements for payment,
then that person’s membership shall be considered delinquent and the name dropped from the rolls.

The AVUTA Representative Council voted on April 15, 2014 to increase the AVUTA dues $3.00 a month for a total of $36.00 a year.

Email Addresses

AVUTA needs your email address. We can not send any important information through the work email (such as Negotiations, Insurance, etc). Have you changed your email lately?
Click on this link  to add or change your email.

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